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We’re glad to see our posters piqued your interest….
We installed those designs in Manchester and London to start a conversation with you. Congratulations on making into one of the country’s top advertising agencies.  We were triggered by a particular concern: that your talent, energy and creativity is sinking into an ever-expanding black hole.
We speak with people who work in corporate advertising all the time. Many are close friends, and express regular  existential doubts about the work they do. Huge industries of artistic labour, and multi-million pound budgets – all in the pursuit of…..what? Another leather sofa? The latest airline deal to Rome?
Your creativity could mean so much more.
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RAP invited itself to JC Decaux’s headquarters ahead of the international day against advertising

Ahead of the international day against advertising taking place on the 25th of March, the french association Resistance à l’Agresion Publicitaire (Resistance to Advertising Agresion) invited itself at the headquarters of the paris-based multinational company of billboards JC Decaux. On the banner : « Let’s free the planet of ads » Khaled Gaiji, President of RAP declares: …

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