On March 25th, 2016, let’s free up the planet of ads !


International Day against endless advertising oppression



In our respective countries, across continents, in the North and in the Global South, advertising is a pillar of social conditioning. It aims to nourish a system of domination that is both socially unjust and environmentally unsustainable.  Everywhere around us, advertising encroaches into our everyday lives, pollutes our minds, shifts our cultural values and dominates the media. Advertisers spend 700 billions globally each year, and this expenditure is constantly growing.

The first global anti-ad contestation day on 25 March 2015 was launched at the World Social Forum in Tunisia via the Tunisia call for action, which was supported by hundreds of participants across all continents. One year later on Friday 25 March 2016, a French association, Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire, is calling for activists across the globe to carry on and expand the international mobilisation against the advertising industry.

Why March 25th? This is the anniversary of a French court decision confirming the legitimacy of our common struggle. On 25 March 2013, a constitutional court judge found a group of anti-advertising activists from Les Déboulonneurs group not guilty of ‘degradation’. The group had publicly and symbolically spray-painted advertising billboards in 2009, but they were acquitted in the name of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘reason of necessity’ against advertising oppression. This historic 2013 ruling can act as a call to action for all those around the world seeking to challenge the role of corporate advertising in our lives.


Adverts are everywhere! So let’s mobilize wherever they are found. Individually, collectively, with direct and non-violent actions, by raising awareness about the ads which frustrate us. Join our common and diverse mobilization on http://dayagainstad.org/.

On Friday 25 March 2016, let’s act to clean up the world of advertising!