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Guide for Mobilization

International Day Against Advertising

March 25, 2016


Again this year, let’s free – if only for one day – the planet from advertising! For the second year in a row on March 25, the French association Resistance against Advertising Aggression (RAP) will partner with international allies and activists from around the world to speak out against advertising. This movement was launched from the Tunis call by hundreds of activists from the five continents at the World Social Forum. Read the Call of March 25, 2016.

Advertising is everywhere! Let’s mobilize ourselves to act against it. Locally, individually, collectively, pointing out advertising that annoy all, as well as through direct nonviolent actions. Join us on the campaign website http://dayagainstad.org/ and together, on March 25, let’s show the world our common mobilization!


      General Objective

Organization of actions against advertising in several countries,

and visibility to an international movement

In a nutshell: a 2 dimensional mobilization

In order to show the forces about our movement against advertising aggression, citizens are invited to organize direct actions on billboards, and/or organize debates on the issue, based on the priorities and methods determined at the local level. Creativity is our strength!

In order to show our mobilization in the mainstream, digital and alternative media, include the visual identity of the global campaign to your action and send us your pictures.

We will post the photos on the campaign website!

Concretely, please follow the 5 steps below!

      1. Ads annoy me!

Activists, supporters: in March, don’t avoid advertising assaults on your spirits anymore. On the contrary, face them, watch them, deconstruct them, and identify the ad that annoys you the most!

     2. Let’s play collectively: from now to March 25th, get visible!

  • Our common identity from now until March 25th: draft a visual (A3 or A4) integrating the campaign’s logo or slogan, both of which are available on the website.
  • Write down your commitment: the killer fact! On your visual, respond to one of the following questions. Why are you mobilizing against advertising oppression? What do you want to tell citizens from the world so they join the campaign?
  • For the picture: show your disgust! Holding up your visual, take a photo next to the ad that annoys you the most, showing your irritation – thumbs down (« I dislike »), scowling, etc. Activists who have implemented more committed actions (subvertising, take overs, debates etc.) are obviously invited to immortalize the scene integrating campaign visuals but this time… with a smile! It is up to you to decide whether you show or hide your face.
  • This is not over: send us your pictures! If possible, before the 24th at midnight at the following email address: mondialisons@antipub.org indicating the date, time, city and address

      3. I want to go further: take action on March 25, 2016

Are some of you also ready to go further? We need your energy – on March 25th, organize nonviolent, direct actions against advertising: be creative and have fun! You will find below nonviolent and generally legal (check on your country!) actions already tested by countless activists.

  • Covering up

Produce posters and cover billboard with your own contents. Find here pictures of the result.

  • Scrawling up with whiting chalk powder

Paint the billboard with whiting chalk powder and either write a simple message or paint the billboard entirely in order to make the ad invisible. This product does not cause damage and can be removed with water. It is hardy reprehensible. Find here pictures of the result.

  • Organizing a public event in the street (funny, artistic)

Organize a flash mob in a public area: go for fun or artistically to sensitize passing people who will not fail to come to you for a conversation. Find here examples of such actions.

  • Organizing a public event with content: conferences or debates

Advertising is a societal topic on which everyone has an opinion: it is your call to make it a socio-political issue! In a chill location (coffee, NGO…) organize a debate between citizens on the role, methods and psycho-socio-political consequences of advertising. The campaign team is happy to support your initiative with content and methods (if there are contacts in your country).

Other ways of actions include developing nonviolent citizen resistance movements that can go over the legal national framework. These actions are considered as part of the campaign against advertising and the campaign politically to support their message, however the secretariat cannot provide legal and financial support to potential fines and lawsuits at the local level.

  • Taking over

Bus and metro billboards can easily be opened with a simple tool: replace commercial advertising with your own posters. Find a practical guide in English here and a video here of the take over action organized during the COP 21 in Paris.

  • Scrawling up

Billboards can be scrawled up with spray, provoking a light chemical while expressing a strong symbolic and political message. Find pictures here.

      4.We are there to support you

On the campaign’s website, you will find tools to facilitate your mobilization as needed.

Subscribe to the campaign and find other citizens who have ideas and don’t live far from you. You can choose (or not) to have your inscription publicly available for others to join you.

  • Download ready to print visuals, for your pictures with the ad that annoys you most. Visuals with the slogan in multiples languages and critical data on the advertising system are available on the website and ready to use.
  • Find more information: on the campaign’s website, you will find various tools to support your mobilization: a sample press release for local media, an advocacy letter for local decision-makers, videos and pictures of local actions, etc.

    5. Finally!

All contents sent by citizens and activists from the world will be put online on the campaign’s website, and local actions will be geo-localized on the digital map. The campaign team will communicate in the media in the morning on March 25, and after having asked for your authorization, the most creative pictures and actions may be used by the media.

For any further information, please contact mondialisons@antipub.org