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On March 25th, 2016 !

Strong international mobilization for the 2016 day against advertising. Thanks to all activists from the world. Let’s keep up the fight.

Please find below a summary of the actions undertaken in at least 7 countries on 3 continents.


Our Argentineans friends from Proyecto Squatters took over various big advertising posters, using brush, spray and creativity ! Find more information – pictures and video of the action – on their blog in spanish : http://proyectosquatters.blogspot.fr

4 Proyecto Squatters 12 Proyecto Squatter_POLLO con pausa



The Brussels based local group « Public space » were launched ahead of the 25th of March through preparatory actions for the day against advertising. The direct actions planned for the 25th were cancelled because of the tragic bomb attacks of the 22nd of March in Brussels.


During the whole day of the 25th, an important mobilization took place in France, in at least 13 cities.

Find pictures of all of them on the French website: http://journee.contrelapub.org

Let’s just raise here few of them wit more national dimensions:

 selection1bd  regards-pas-avendre

– Ahead of the international day against advertising taking place on the 25th, the French association RAP invited itself at the headquarters of the paris-based multinational company of billboards JC Decaux and unpholded a banner “let’s free up the planet of ads” next to JC Decaux‘ headerquarter’s logo. Soon after, an exécutive director came to meet the President of RAP and committed to organize an appointment as soon as possible.  Find here the press release in English


– The clandestine network Robert Johnson took over about 100 ads bill boards in Paris subway a day before the 25th


– RAP organized with the funny subvertising network The Saint Church of Consumption, a fake démonstration « pro-advertising » in front of the french public national radio « Radio France », which is going to be open to commercial advertising (from which it had been protected so far).




Germany (Berlin)

The artist from Berlin, Vermibus, organizer of the NO AD Day campaign, removed with other activists more than 40 ads from billboard, including big ones. Vermibus usually use the original ads and rework them in an artistic way before putting them back to their place in billboards, as art work and not commercial message anymore. Find more information in English on Vermibus website : http://vermibus.com.

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United Kingdom

Our friends from Brandalism, who carried out the famous 600 ads takover in Paris during the COP 21, have taken over ads in London and Manchester this time, in front of communication agencies in order to send them a teasing message: « your creativity could mean so much more. We would like to talk to you » !

Find more information in English on their website : http://www.brandalism.org.uk/switchsides

Ogilvy London 2JWT London 9

AMV BBDO London 2 AMV BBDO London 5 JWT London 1 JWT London 7

United States of America (New York city)

The plastic artist Jordan Seiler, also organizer of the Public Ad Campaign directed to challenge advertising in the public space, realized an artistic installation on a billboard in the NY subway

Find more information on his website : http://daily.publicadcampaign.com



An action of covering and reappropriation of public space took place in Mont-sur-Rolle